Did you know that Elles was on the front page of the biggest Dutch daily newspaper in 2001?
The 5 November issue of De Telegraaf featured a photo of Elles wearing a police uniform on the front page. The corresponding article (which you can still read in the newspaper’s online archive!) dealt with the introduction of a new uniform for the Dutch police, which turned out to be full of flaws and was a matter of debate in the Netherlands for months.
// Picture of Elles in De Telegraaf
// Telegraaf front page (online archive)

Did you know that Elles displayed her rapping skills during a radio interview in the United States?
While promoting Perpetuous Dreamer in the United States of America, Elles was invited by one of New York City’s biggest radio stations. During the interview, Elles expressed her passion for rap music (which she had at that time) and, instead of singing her trance hits, she even started to rap live on air! A hilarious moment which caused much laughter in the studio.

Did you know that Elles’ mum had to approve the release of the ‘Sound Of Goodbye’ video first?
Without a doubt, ‘The Sound Of Goodbye’ is still one of the most dramatic trance music videos ever. With an all-female crew from camera to make-up, Elles was filmed naked and barely naked (only covered by fabrics) in the highlands of Scotland. After the editing, Elles showed the clip to her mum, who – fortunately – agreed that the video is beautiful and that you can’t really see anything. Thus, a special thank you to Ms de Graaf for approving the final product!
// Picture of the video shoot ‘The Sound Of Goodbye’
// ‘The Sound Of Goodbye’ (Official video)

Did you know that Elles was a member of Dutch dance act The Sunclub?
In the late 1990s, Elles joined the Dutch crew The Sunclub (best known for chart hits like ‘Fiesta’ and ‘Single Minded People’) for a short period of six months. They did promotional shows for the release of the single ‘Splash’ in the Netherlands and Turkey. Since the old Sunclub tracks were mainly instrumental, Elles’ part was to do the MC during the performances and also to sing a few lines.
// Picture of Elles with The Sunclub
// ‘Splash’ on YouTube

Did you know that one full day of shooting the ‘Dust.Wav’ video was in vain?
Originally, the final video of ‘Dust.Wav’ was supposed to include footage which was filmed on top of one of the highest buildings in Rotterdam. Unfortunately, due to a technical error, these great images of Elles dancing on the rooftop could not be used. Again on top of a building (this time in Berlin), Elles was filmed for the ‘Mind Of The Wonderful’ video, which didn’t take longer than an hour.
// Picture of the lost ‘Dust.Wav’ images
// ‘Dust.Wav’ (Official video)

Did you know that two of the biggest instrumental anthems in trance history were recorded as vocal versions with Elles?
The first one is a vocal mix of Armin van Buuren’s ‘Communication’ called ‘River Confused’. Second, System F’s ‘Exhale’ was originally planned as ‘Icarus’ with a haunting performance by Elles. Although both tracks were never released officially, their lyrics were later recycled for other productions. ‘River Confused’ became Mind One’s “Hurt Of Intention” (feat. Rebekka Thenu), while Robbie Rivera’s ‘Closer To The Sun’ (feat. Simon Binkenborn) was based on ‘Icarus’.
// ‘Communication’ (Official video)
// ‘Exhale’ (Official video)

Did you know that Elles is the cousin of Holland’s most successful musician?
Yes indeed, Dutch platinum-selling and award-winning singer Marco Borsato, who has no less than 16 number one hits under his belt, and Elles are cousins. She actually appeared as a backing dancer for Marco’s first hit ‘Dromen Zijn Bedrog’ in 1994. But Elles and Marco are by far not the only artists in the family: Her other cousin played the leading roles in musicals like the Dutch ‘Mamma Mia!’, her uncle is an actor, her nephew is a professional break dancer, and her brother toured in America with a boys’ choir from their hometown Alkmaar.
// Marco Borsato (Official homepage)
// ‘Dromen Zijn Bedrog (Live performance with Elles)’ on YouTube

Did you know that multi-talented Elles sang ‘The Sound Of Goodbye’ up in the air during an acrobatic performance?
Her daring aerial silk performance was part of a circus show project that Elles did for different clubs in Mexico a couple of years ago. Watch a short clip of this special trance-meets-acrobatics moment on YouTube! In the second clip, Elles shows her fire poi skills. Very impressive, isn’t it?
// Picture of Elles on aerial silk
// Elles Aerial on YouTube
// Elles Fire Poi on YouTube

Did you know that Elles appeared in a couple of music videos apart from her own trance releases?
In Roy Gates’ video for ‘How Deep’, Elles has a good time in London’s nightlife together with another girl (who is, funnily enough, also called Elles). Furthermore, she plays the female lead in ‘De Ware Vrouw’ by Dutch schlager singer Danny Nicolay. Both clips are available on YouTube - have fun! ;-)
// ‘How Deep’ on YouTube
// ‘De Ware Vrouw’ on YouTube

Did you know that Elles scored a top 5 chart hit in the Netherlands long before ‘The Sound Of Goodbye’?
Back in 1996, Elles was part of the Dutch trio De Foetsies, which released a parody cover of The Fugees’ ‘Killing Me Softly’ called ‘Hij Maakte Me Gek (...Met Z’n Fingers)’. Elles was not the lead singer though, but did the backing vocals. De Foetsies toured around Holland for a good two years with this show. The follow-up single ‘Klaar Of Niet’ (a cover of ‘Ready Or Not’) peaked at #42.
// Picture of De Foetsies
// De Foetsies single cover
// ‘Hij Maakte Me Gek’ on YouTube